How to Make the Best Irish Coffee

I’m going to let you in on the secret of how to make the best Irish coffee, and it’s much simpler than people realize. It is a perfect combination of strongly brewed coffee with good quality whiskey and lightly aerated cream. Created by a nation known for their “ceol, caint agus craic” (music, chats and fun).

Traditional Irish Soda Bread with Chia Seeds

Traditional Irish soda bread with chia seeds is made with just a few simple ingredients. It is a quick and easy bread that is a must for your upcoming St. Patrick’s Day, but also perfect for any time of the year. It is a no knead, no hassle style of bread which is my kind of recipe! An Irish classic for a good reason.

Irish Beef and Guinness Stew

This hearty Irish beef and Guinness stew is a perfect dish for a cold day. There is no greater comfort food than a bowl of beef stew with mashed potato. Slowly cooked and simmered in a Guinness gravy that is incredibly rich and deep in flavor. The perfect dish for St. Patrick’s Day.