Light Creamy Chocolate Mousse

The art of making a light, airy and unbeatably delicious French chocolate mousse is easier than you think. You could buy it from a store or you could try make it yourself. Think of the satisfaction of relaxing on the couch watching your favorite movie eating your own homemade light creamy chocolate mousse. You onlyContinue reading “Light Creamy Chocolate Mousse”

Gooey Chocolate Brownies

Gooey Chocolate Brownies are the perfect treat for you and your family. Whether you have a party coming up or just simply organising some treats. This recipe is a great base for adding any extra ingredients that you would like, such as nuts, white chocolate chips, dried fruits or marshmallows. The better the chocolate theContinue reading “Gooey Chocolate Brownies”

Apple Tarte Tatin (French Apple Tart)

Apple Tarte Tatin is a traditional French classic. Rumour has it that it was accidently made by the Tatin sisters in the 1880’s in France. But one person’s accident is another person’s genius. It contains carmelised apples with crispy buttery pastry. What more could you possibly want in a dessert. Traditionally, the apple tarte tatinContinue reading “Apple Tarte Tatin (French Apple Tart)”

Thai Inspired Poached Salmon Curry

Thai Inspired Poached Salmon Curry is exactly what you need in your life right now. The salmon is soft and slowly cooked so keeps its juicy texture. The sauce packs a punch that will awaken every part of your taste buds. If you can, try to track down the traditional ingredients, such as kaffir limeContinue reading “Thai Inspired Poached Salmon Curry”

Harissa Chicken Thighs & Saffron Rice

Harissa chicken thighs & saffron rice are a flavor punch to your taste buds. There is nothing better than sitting in on a cold night and having a warm plate of spicy chicken. I was surprised when I first tried harissa paste, it had a warming sensation followed by sweetness on your palate. What’s notContinue reading “Harissa Chicken Thighs & Saffron Rice”