Espresso Margarita

Serves: 2 Preparation: 15 minutes Total: 15 minutes Ingredients 120ml espresso coffee – (8 tbsp) 45ml silver or white tequila – (3 tbsp) 15ml honey – (1 tbsp) 15ml lime juice – (1 tbsp) Lime slice Sea salt Crushed ice/ice cubes Method Put some crushed ice in the glass to make it cold. Add theContinue reading “Espresso Margarita”

Vietnamese drip coffee

The first time I had a Vietnamese coffee I was in Dublin at Jolin’s Vietnamese coffee house. It was a beautiful creamy coffee, with a lovely hint of sweetness coming through. Then we went to Vietnam and our adventure began. We planned a lovely day walking around Saigon and that’s where we found a coffeeContinue reading “Vietnamese drip coffee”