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Lime Tree Kitchen is a food, drink and travel blog about our love of you guessed it, food and all things related. We love to eat good food as much as possible, whether it’s simple or complicated. Because of this we decided it would be nice if we could actually cook the food we love.

It all started when we went travelling for 6 months in Asia and we realised that there is so much gorgeous food in this world. The variety of choices are amazing and sometimes overwhelming when you are trying to decide what to eat.

So we thought wouldn’t it be brilliant if we could confidently learn to cook all the basics and host the perfect dinner party and enjoy the food together with our family and friends. As a result, we set ourselves a challenge to learn as much as we could.

We set up our food, drink and travel blog to help us keep track of what we were cooking. So we decided that we would start with a relaxed dinner party with canapes, cocktails and a four course meal.

Hopefully as time moves on we will progress to something that looks like fine dining. The fun part will be practicing and eating lots of yummy foods but more importantly we’re getting to learn a whole new world of food recipes. So, if you are thinking that you would like to learn the basics of cooking from sauces to meats and everything in between please join in with us today. Leave some comments and photos about how you got on and let’s get cooking.